Christopher Gower
January 10, 2022
What are template literals ?
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Prior to ES6, you had to use single quotes (‘) or double quotes (“) to wrap a string, and that’s pretty much everything you could do with strings.

ES6 added the possibility to create “template literals” by wrapping string between backticks like this :

const myString = `My template literal`;

You can use single and double quotes inside template literals :

const quote = `Say "hello" to my little friend!`;

You can also create multi-line strings as follow :

const multilineString = `Once upon a time, 
long ago a king and queen ruled
over a distant land.`;

String interpolation allows you to put variables inside your string. :

const count = 3;
const appleCount = `I have ${count} apples`;
console.log(appleCount); // "I have 3 apples"

And you can also put a whole expression inside your string like so :

const amount = 3;
const total = `Total: ${(amount * 5).toFixed(2)}`;
console.log(total); // "Total: 15.00"


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