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October 01, 2021
Create a GitHub profile README
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I recently discovered how to create a GitHub profile README that you can entirely customize to your liking ! Let me show you how you can create yours and impress everyone !

Create a new Github Repository

The only thing you need to do, is to give your project a name matching your GitHub username. Be sure to make it public and to generate a README file.

This little message will appear :


Write your description.

You can now start writing a description about yourself. If you lack inspiration, there is a great generator that can help you.

You can include you social media, some GitHub stats, the technologies you work with, GIFS, pictures, emojis, anything to spice up your profile a little bit 😉

What I used

I used to create the technologies badges and imgur to import the Instagram and Linkedin logos. The banner was created with Canva.


I hope my article taught you something new ! Don't hesitate to comment and show me your brand new GitHub profile README ! You can check out mine if you need.


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